March 29, 2011

This will be a pretty quickly written post as I’ve only had about 10 hours of sleep in the past 3 days, so the risk of rambling nonsense is high. You’ve been warned.

Rambling Nonsense

As promised, Sunday Night I put (most of) my CDs back in their jewel cases. This is when I realized I haven’t ripped a good third or so of my CDs, so there’s another task in my immediate future. I gathered what CDs I have ripped and set them in a box to sell.

I stopped by The Record & Tape Exchange on my way to class Monday afternoon and discovered I have incredibly bad timing. For some odd reason that day was an unusually busy day and he had several large CD collections to go through. I figured it wasn’t a big deal since I’d be in class for the next few hours anyway.

The process unfortunately took a little longer than I had expected. Pricing CDs at the Record Exchange I worked at was pretty easy since it consisted of just scanning the barcode. The price came right up and you printed out the list for the customer. This place has no such technology and it appears the guy has to price everything by hand, looking online for anything he doesn’t recognize. No big deal, but I ended up browsing their records twice while I waited after class.

He ended up taking a little less than half of what I brought. Some of what they didn’t take was a little surprising, so I talked to him a little bit about how he decides what to take. This is a guy who’s acutely aware of what business he’s in, which became apparent as he spoke about not taking stuff that’s common because people can get it so much more cheaply online than what he could sell it for (regardless of how popular the album may be or how quickly it sells).

He was also really picky about scratches. I checked a few of the CDs he turned down for scratches and there’s not many that we’d blink at in the old days. Very light surface scratches on some of them, but it’s his prerogative.

As an interesting aside, thanks to AutoCorrect I’ve just discovered that I’ve been saying “prerogative” incorrectly my entire life.

Anyway, in the end he took 69 CDs and gave me $68 for them. He of course offered more in trade, but again that’s not really the point of this endeavor. It’s about what I expected so I’m fine with the results. I’m going to take the remainders to McKay’s and see what (if anything) they’ll give me for them. The CDs I didn’t take will get ripped as soon as possible and the cycle will begin again.

I still have to go through the process with DVDs, but that will most likely wait until next month as my workweek is starting back up again tomorrow. However, it’s been a productive month overall with this resolution and I think we can mark it down as a success.

Stay tuned for Friday when I’ll post my next resolution!

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  1. Justin says:

    For those who haven’t noticed… that picture is a link. Just a heads up…

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