March 27, 2011

This month has really flown by, but I still feel pretty good about my progress. Still, it hasn’t been quite where I wanted so there’s still some work to be done before Friday.

First up, dealing with more books. I stopped by our local library a couple days ago to ask them what their policy is on taking books. They told me whenever and whatever is good, but it’s best to bring them in the week of a book sale. Luckily, there’s one coming up this weekend!

I took a batch of hardcovers over this afternoon to donate, and I feel pretty good about it. This wasn’t a particularly difficult parting as I stopped caring about most of these books long since. I hadn’t been able to come to terms donating them since they did cost about $20 a pop, but this really is for the greater good. As a bonus, they seemed pretty pleased with the selection and felt they’d be taken pretty quickly (Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind, anyone?).

A man this pompous must be talented.

The number of books sold and donated this month now totals fifty-five. What’s shocking is that while there has been a sense of relief from purging these, it doesn’t really look like that many are gone. We have one of those Expedit IKEA book shelves with tons of space, so we’ve been storing books behind books. As a result it doesn’t appear that I’ve gained much room.

Also I still have some decisions to make of the remainders. I discussed this a bit in my last post so I won’t go into detail here. However, not much ground has been made on the tough choices so more on that later.

Moving on to music, last Monday I stopped by The Record & Tape Exchange to ask about their policies for buying vinyl and CDs. It’s pretty much what I expected, so I’m planning on heading back before my class starts tomorrow afternoon. Only thing to do is check out my old albums and see what I’ve got.

This is where it’s starts to get really rough.

Man, I totally forgot how many cool records I own. I don’t have the biggest collection by any means, but what I do have I really like. I whittled out the records I feel completely comfortable with purging, but there wasn’t much. Nothing is so rare that I can’t easily replace them digitally, but there’s just something about looking at an album that’s making this difficult (I guess I can relate to you “there’s nothing like the sensation of a physical book” crowd after all).

Add to this that a friend of mine expressed interest in my albums and I’m a little torn. I’ll give first dibs to the ones I’m purging to my friends, of course, but I’m feeling a pretty strong urge to keep many of them. I may not be ready at this point to part with the bulk of these, regardless of whether or not I actually have a record player (the answer is “not”).

So that takes me to CDs. This will be much, much easier. I’ve already ripped the bulk of these to my computer, so I won’t be losing anything in terms of the music. CDs also don’t have quite the emotional impact either. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but I don’t feel as attached to them.

Of course, I haven’t started going through them yet (that’s tonight’s job) so time will tell. As stated previously, I’ve had my CDs in a rather large folder for some time. The jewel cases are in a box in storage, so my task tonight is putting the CDs back into their cases.

After writing this post, I’ve come to realize that I actually have made a lot of progress on this front. Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot and there’s so much more to do, all of these things have been whirling around in my mind for some time. One of those “always plan, but never do” kinds of things. So I’m happy that it’s finally getting done and I can start focusing on a more minimalist lifestyle.

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One Response to March 27, 2011

  1. Oh, I remember how awesome your record collection is! It was so sad to return it to you.

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