March 14, 2011

I’ve spent the past 5 days attempting to write this post. I didn’t do it on the first day I had planned because I wanted to have more to report. I should’ve known better because that’s when my workweek started. So much for that organization resolution, eh?

Really though, I need to resolve myself to write updates regardless of progress. In that spirit, here it goes…

The beginning of the month started with a bang. I received a fortuitous email from GameStop that they were offering an additional $25 on used PlayStation 2s. This equals out to be 125% of their normal $20 offer. I’ve had my old one sitting around for years because I couldn’t bring myself to trade it in for so cheap.

I had always known that I probably wouldn’t use it again, but there’s always that sense of what I paid for it all hanging around and keeping me from taking the plunge. Not that I haven’t been realistic about the system’s worth, I just felt that $20 was particularly low. From watching Pawn Stars I understand the necessity of marking prices up, especially on older systems that probably sit around for a long time without selling. But, come on. This is GameStop. They were already marking the PS2 up 250%, so I knew I’d be getting a raw deal at $20.

I took the system and the remaining four PS2 games I had left to the store and traded it all in. Unfortunately (or fortunately in regards to this specific resolution), they had nothing there that I wanted so I left with only store credit in hand. I ended up getting around $70 worth of credit because they took all my wires and memory cards separately. It ended up being a pretty good deal and I was satisfied.

So that felt pretty good. A couple days into March and I had already gotten rid of some dead weight that was just sitting around. Getting a little more out of it than normal helped ease the pain a bit. But that’s where the progress stopped. Purging the PS2 was a good step, but that’s nowhere near the bulk of my stuff. I still have a bunch of books, DVDs, and CDs sitting around.

Again, the limiting factor on this resolution is time. That’s where the organization resolution is supposed to come into play, right? To a degree, yes. However I’m still operating within a limited window of time and no amount of organization is going to increase that.

Since I’m about halfway through the month, it’s time to buckle down and get some results. Between today and tomorrow I plan on pulling out books to sell at McKay’s, a local used book retailer. They accept some movies and music too, but I want to start with the books since they take up the most space. Unfortunately, McKay’s only really takes paperbacks, so I’m limited on what I can sell there. This will still slim my collection down a good bit, so it’s certainly worth it.

For the hardcovers, that will have to wait until next week. I need to spend a little time researching my options here. Some time ago I tried checking out where to donate books, but there doesn’t seem to be many places that will take them. Libraries will take some, but they’ll usually just sell them on the cheap to raise money. And I mean on the cheap. On the last day of a book sale at our local library we walked out with a plastic shopping bag full of books for two dollars.

Libraries get pretty desperate to clear out space too.

Anyway, in order to push myself a little harder to get this done, I pledge to write a blog update tomorrow night to give you a status update. Whether success or failure, you’ll find out about it.

One last note, I’ve been invited to start writing posts for a good friend of mine’s blog. You can read my first entry here.  Judging by my performance on this here blog, I wouldn’t hope for much. I’m going to try writing at least 2 posts per month for it, so we’ll see how it goes.

Check out the rest of his blog too, he’s got some good stuff going. One particular project I love (which is the one I participated in) is his Old Haunts project. It’s such a cool idea and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

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One Response to March 14, 2011

  1. Mike says:

    Good to hear, on getting the place cleaned up. Kudos! 🙂

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