February 22, 2011

February is almost over and it’s been a busy month. I still haven’t found a fantastic balance between working on these resolutions and work/school/home life, but there are some signs of success out there.

First, although I haven’t really been able to get a scheduled plan put together (daily, weekly, or otherwise), I have seen some results from simply writing out a “things to do” type list. Just by having this list to reference I’ve been able to get more accomplished than previously.

I think it’s the grounding that helps here. Pausing during my day to reassess what I’m doing and what I need to do (or can do). It’s a perspective I didn’t really have when just speeding through my days. I still need to work hard at developing this, but I believe that this is where I’m going to have the most impact with this resolution.

Second, the act of writing lists has already assisted with January’s resolution. I started to keep a word doc listing different foods or meals that are easy to make. I compiled it out of a few things I already had in mind and other things found on the Internet. It’s given me several ideas I had never had before, and buying groceries to make these meals will have a definite impact on my budget (taking the place of eating out).

Baby steps? Yes.

Again, my free time is rapidly filling up… Yesterday afternoon I had all of 2 hours free before I had to go to another class. Add going to the gym after that class, and I was getting home around 9:00. This isn’t leaving me much time for reflection or planning, but it does give me more of a sense of accomplishment, which may be all I need to kick-start even more action.

Biggest failure of the month… I still haven’t sketched out more ideas for coming Resolutions. This is getting more critical as March is fast approaching. I’ve got a couple warm-weather resolutions in mind for the spring/summer, but that won’t help me at the end of winter.

The good news is that I still feel pressure to get this done. Most of my initiatives burn out before this stage, so even if I don’t have much to report here I still feel good that I’m even thinking about it. That’s a crucial part of this experiment that I wasn’t sure would pan out. I’m hoping that sustaining that pressure will have a bit of a snowball effect on my actions. Sure, January and February were a little slow in the resolution-success department, but it all builds on itself.

Time to take another step…

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