February’s Resolution – Organization

(Or “How I Learned to Stop Procrastinating and Love Getting Things Done”)

What an apt topic for this month since I just spent the last two weeks putting off writing a blog update on January’s resolution!

One thing I learned last month is that it’s good to have a plan. Sure, it’s perfectly acceptable to say “I’m going to track my spending and learn how to save money”, but that doesn’t really make for some interesting updates on a public forum that will be available for anyone who cares or has a minute to waste on checking out and that you’re hoping will create some pressure to hold you to some sort of standard that you don’t want to disappoint.

I’m uh… still tracking that spending. Yep… There it goes.

So the resolution is two-fold this month. First, start organizing and scheduling my life. Second, get a freakin’ plan already on what I want to accomplish with this resolution thing. Dang!

I already know that I work better within the constraints of a schedule. Give me any room and I’ll find a way to wait until the last possible moment to accomplish anything. The problem comes when it’s me setting the schedule, not meeting someone else’s. Think about it, you never really know how far you can push that research paper that was due last week. The deadline I set with myself? Don’t worry, he’s a reasonable guy and I’m sure he’ll understand the delay.

Research paper? I’ve got to stop writing these at 2:00 in the morning. An example is an example, I guess.

As for the next “area of concern”, a big challenge last month was how to measure success. At first, I didn’t really want to constrain myself to those sorts of terms. Maybe that was just my inner procrastinator understanding how best to sabotage my efforts in advance! Regardless, still doesn’t leave me much to write about here. I found that my updates seemed pretty small in the ways of advancement, even if several days occurred between postings.

Also, I’ve only got one more resolution in mind that is date-sensitive and won’t be coming up until closer to the end of the year. So time’s a wastin’…

I’m going to be using this month to schedule some things into my, er, schedule (frickin’ two o’clock, man). Not necessarily blocking hours off or anything. Biggest thing to tackle first is scheduling things-to-do by day. Meaning stuff around the house, mainly. That’ll be week ONE (See? Goals.). Week two will be narrowing in on those days and maybe getting those hours blocked off. Weeks three and four will be centered on focusing and maintaining the schedule already created.

The resolution brain-storming and scheduling will take place on the days and hours that happen to get blocked off for it during week one (A ha! Bringing it back around, you like that?). Also, with any luck blog updates will become more regular (and coherent, oh please God more coherent).

So February’s resolution isn’t off to much of a good start (this here being the 2nd of February), but here’s to hoping to a more successful month than January.

Oh yeah, speaking of January… still using Mint, still working on weeding out those unnecessary purchases, and still planning on creating that Excel sheet to track grocery spending.

Watch out procrastination… here I come!

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One Response to February’s Resolution – Organization

  1. I’m excellent at creating a schedule and making all sorts of plans. I’ve read all the time management books and know the best practices. I still fall flat at following through on a schedule i’ve created though. I think the longest stretch i’ve been able to go is about 3 days.

    It all comes back to self-discipline and making myself do things that in the moment are unpleasant but long term are valuable. *sigh*

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